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Sunoco Race Jugs
  • Sunoco Race Jugs

    Sunoco Generation 2 Race Jugs take the sought-after first-generation jugs and push them to a completely new level. They include a new and improved ergonomic handle and a newly refined sleek design. Designed to work with the self-venting hose or the FastFlo lid, every jug is thoroughly tested and inspected to ensure you have the highest quality product. With the attention and detail executed into the Sunoco Generation 2 Race Jugs, you can be sure that these jugs are your best option for race day!

    Additional features of Sunoco Generation 2 Race jugs include:

    * Offered with or without FastFlo lid
    * Durable multipurpose cap with integral rubber O-ring
    * Sleek multi-grip pouring handle
    * Fluid level markings for US gallons and liters
    * Available in 12 colours