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Fragola P.T.F.E Braided Stainless Steel Line 16 in -6 AN Female

Fragola P.T.F.E Braided Stainless Steel Line 16 in -6 AN Female

SKU: FRA-372016

Fragola Performance Systems PTFE Hose Assemblies with No Covering

Replace your worn-out and dated rubber lines with fine-quality, high performance hose assemblies from Fragola—they could possibly be the last ones that you'll ever need. These flexible, swaged hose assemblies are made of PTFE tubing reinforced with an outer braid of stainless steel connected to strong, secure steel or aluminum hose ends, making them ageless. Perfect for highly corrosive applications, these versatile heat-resistant, non-stick, easy-flowing hose assemblies are compatible with: brake line and power steering fluids, engine oil, gasoline, methanol, diesel, E85, nitrous oxide, water, and more. They're pressure-tested before shipping to ensure long, trouble-free service. Order the hose length and hose end fitting sizes/configurations needed for your application.

Hose Size: -6 AN

PTFE Lined: Yes

Hose End 1: -6 AN

Hose End 1 Attachment: Female threads

Hose End 1 Angle: Straight

Hose End 2: -6 AN

Hose End 2 Attachment: Female threads

Hose End 2 Angle: 90 degree

Hose End Fitting Material: Steel

Hose End Fitting Color: Zinc plated

Hose Length (in.): 16.000 in.

Hose Material: Braided stainless steel