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Gen III HANS Device Quick Clip Anchor
  • Gen III HANS Device Quick Clip Anchor

    HANS continues to revolutionize safety in motorsports with the third generation of HANS devices--the economically priced Gen III. These head-and-neck safety restraint devices use a modern approach to weight reduction by using a new structural design, polymer, and a revolutionary hollow collar to minimize weight. Engineered reinforcements allow for an exceptionally strong structure that provides the same strength and safety as every HANS device, but with reduced mass, to give racers the lightest and most comfortable injection-molded HANS devices ever.

    Additional features of HANS Gen III devices include:
    * Supplied with SFI certification
    * Complete with pads, tethers, and anchors for one helmet
    * Lower, rounded collar for easier exit from some vehicles
    * Lighter than the HANS Sport II Series devices


    Anchor Type: Quick click

    SFI Rating: SFI 38.1

      PriceFrom C$599.99