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KRC Power Steering Pump Bracket SBC

KRC Power Steering Pump Bracket SBC

SKU: KRC31416000

KRC Power Steering Pump Brackets

KRC power steering pump brackets assist you with installing your pump. KRC offers a good fit and style for several applications, as well as a universal bracket. They are crafted from aluminum with CNC-machined surfaces, and most are anodized for added durability and looks. They are available in kits that include bolts and spacers, or choose only the bracket that usually comes with the power steering pump mounting hardware. Mount your pump properly and securely with KRC power steering pump brackets.

Power Steering Pump Model: GM Type 2 (Saginaw TC series)

Power Steering Bracket Style: Engine block mount

Power Steering Pump Mounting Position: Driver side

Bracket Material: Aluminum

Bracket Color: Black