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Longacre Digital Elite Water Temperature Gauge

Longacre Digital Elite Water Temperature Gauge

SKU: LNG-46860

Longacre Racing is offering the next generation of instrumentation with their Digital Elite waterproof gauges. Engineered for wet and dirty environments, they provide some of the best waterproof sealing available and offer some of the most precise measurements on the market, with unmatched resistance to vibration, heat, and moisture. Digital Elite waterproof gauges are manufactured with IP-66 certified methods to be waterproof and safe against powerful water jets.

Product features include:

* Waterproof design that eliminates the need to remove gauges before you wash your car

* LED digital numbers and illuminated dial lights

* Custom-set your warning settings

* Dimmable feature included to increase visibility for daytime racing and reduce glare during nighttime racing

* Gauge comes with sensor and is also available without

Gauge Type: Water temperature

Gauge Style: Digital

Sending Unit: Electrical

Gauge Diameter (in.): 2 5/8 in.

Gauge Diameter (mm): 67mm

Gauge Range: 100-280 degrees F