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Lube Locker Dana 44 Differential Seal

Lube Locker Dana 44 Differential Seal


LubeLocker differential gaskets make paper gaskets and RTV a thing of the past by manufacturing high-quality, aluminum core gaskets with an outer silicone coating. The real secret to LubeLocker's success, however, is the elastomer beading applied to the gasket face. This beading provides a dry, leak-free seal, even when exposed to high horsepower, differential and axle flex, or wide temperature extremes. Drag racing, Circle Track, rock climbing, off-road, desert racing--it doesn't matter, LubeLocker differential gaskets will keep your lube where it belongs.


Gasket Material: Silicone/Aluminum

Thickness (in.): 0.045

Notes: These gaskets compress to 0.025 in. thickness once installed