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Milwaukee M12 Rivet Gun
  • Milwaukee M12 Rivet Gun

    Milwaukee M12 rivet tools deliver fast, easy riveting, while maintaining performance, durability, and size. They can pull up to 250 3/16 in. stainless steel rivets or 450 1/8 in. steel rivets on one charge with a 1.5ah battery, and reduce muscle effort from a hand tool by 60 percent. With no compressors or hoses needed during set up and operation, they are great replacements to pneumatic products. Plus, measuring only 6.5 in., they allow easier access in tight spaces. Milwaukee M12 rivet tools are offered as tool only, or as kits with battery pack, and charger. Kits are available with either a 2ah or 4ah battery.


    * Aluminum, steel, stainless steel

    * Pull 3/32 in., 1/8 in., 5/32 in., and 3/16 in. rivets

    * 0.8 in stroke length

      PriceFrom C$359.99