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Pit Posse Fuel Jug Rack 4 Cans

Pit Posse Fuel Jug Rack 4 Cans

SKU: PTM-431

Keep your fuel jugs in place when traveling the open road with Pit Posse's fuel jug storage racks. With their through-type design, even accidental spills are contained. These fuel jug racks are made of durable aluminum material and sport a natural finish. Plus, they feature a back plate to prevent scratching your trailer walls. These units are available in single, double, triple, and 4-mount, so one of these units is sure to fit the bill for storing fuel.

Length: 46in

Width: 11.5in

Height: 11.5in


Rack measures 11 inches wide inside to inside. There is a folded lip on the front so the overall width is 11.5 inches outside to outside. Fuel jugs are not included.