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Quarter Master 5.5 Optimum Ultra-V Clutch

Quarter Master 5.5 Optimum Ultra-V Clutch

5.5″ Optimum Ultra-V Clutches from Quarter Master® are available in both two- and three-disc systems. Specifically designed for the weight-conscience racer running an asphalt Super, Limited or Crate Late Model, the clutches feature significant advantages over those offered by other manufacturers, including lower overall weight and low moment of inertia (MOI).

-Lower overall weight & MOI than competing models

-A revised & lightened 1-piece chromemoly ring gear adds to the clutch’s overall weight reduction

-Increased holding capacity is rated at over 1200 ft./lbs., making it capable of holding more power

-Easy to upgrade existing Optimum-V clutches to Ultra-V

Note: Does not include button flywheel.

    PriceFrom C$1,299.99