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Quarter Master Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

Quarter Master Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

SKU: QM710200

Hydraulic Floating Throwout Bearings have been the stan- dard in short track racing for years. Each of these release bearings features a radius-faced bearing with a reduced contact radius for ease of clutch pedal and return spring. This minimizes continuous contact of the bearing and clutch spring fingers. They are universally adaptable and can be used with Quarter Master® and OE-style bellhous- ings (requires ball stud in bellhousing).

This floating hydraulic throwout bearing is designed for 5.5" clutches using a flexplate and button clutch combination. Bearing comes with enough fittings so that you could use a -3 AN or -4 AN supply line.

Bleed hose NOT included

Bleeder hole is threaded 5/16"-24

Collapsed height: 2.350"

Outside diameter: 4.410"

Inside diameter: 1.425"