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Quarter Master Ultra-Duty Reverse Rotation Starter

Quarter Master Ultra-Duty Reverse Rotation Starter

SKU: QTM-114260

Many racers buy inferior starters in hopes of saving money. As a result, failures are a common problem for both street enthusiasts and racers at the track. Ultra-Duty Starters are hand assembled and engineered with high-quality parts, which makes them a more durable, reliable component that will save you money in the long run by outlasting several cheap models.

-Heavy-duty solenoid & bearing assembly to endure harsh operating conditions & high temperatures

-Custom adapter mounts accurately locate pinion gear for fit with flywheel

-Every hand-assembled Ultra-DutyTM Starter is fully dyno-tested & performance certified

-Starter has an output of 1.4 kW / 2 hp

-Has a reverse gear rotation and a 6:1 ratio

-The current draw is approximately 210 amps at rated load

-Features a full ball bearing construction and heavy-duty solenoids

-Specially engineered to not be affected by normal under hood operating temperatures