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Quickcar Battery Disconnect Switch 350 Amp
  • Quickcar Battery Disconnect Switch 350 Amp

    SKU: QC55-010

    QuickCar master disconnect switches are emergency battery cutoff equipment required by most sanctioning bodies in auto racing. These units are available in different voltage/amp ratings, and in a variety of mounting plate styles. Each disconnect switch has a red epoxy costed handle.


    Switch Actuation: Rotary (turn)

    Voltage Compatibility: 12/14/16

    Continuous Amp Rating: 125 amps

    Surge Amp Rating: 350 amps

    Battery Disconnect Switch Key Material: Aluminum

    Battery Disconnect Switch Key Color: Red

    Mounting Bracket Included: Yes

    Notes: Black mounting panel measures 2 1/2 in. wide and 2 1/2 in. high. Has a red handle.