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Raceceiver FD1600+ Fusion Plus Race Scanner

Raceceiver FD1600+ Fusion Plus Race Scanner

SKU: KYS-100-7825

RACEceiver Fusion+ radios are small communication devices revolutionizing the racing industry, making the sport safer for both the racers and officials. Virtually all tracks and series today use the frequencies between 450-470 MHz, and the RACEceiver Fusion+ can handle all of them! These units allow officials to talk to all the drivers at the same time, warning them about accidents or debris on the track. Each radio's pre-programmable default channel allows the driver to save the channel that their track is using—with a button lock feature to prevent unwanted volume or channel changes. The RACEceiver Fusion+ units are narrowband radio compatible and come with a holster clip, AAA batteries, and instructions. Earpieces are available separately.