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Vibrant Performance Intercooler Core 24�x8�x3.5�

Vibrant Performance Intercooler Core 24�x8�x3.5�

SKU: VIB12839

Get toe-to-toe with your competitors with incredible performance gains brought on by a reliable intercooler. The Vibrant Performance Intercoolers are made just for that, with a bar and plate construction from high-grade aluminum parts, allowing it to be used for enthusiast, high-performance applications with its optimal cooling efficiency, better than their conventional tube and fin counterparts. This makes the air going into the engine significantly colder and denser, maximizing your turbo's power output, while reducing the risk of detonation. The Vibrant Performance Intercoolers feature TIG-welded cast aluminum end reservoirs which undergo rigorous pressure testing to ensure a leak-free performance. Never miss out on performance gains, with the impressive functionality brought on by the Vibrant Performance Intercoolers!

Vibrant Performance has been on the forefront of automotive exhaust parts since its inception in 1997, and hasn't ceased in dedicating effort and resources to innovate according to the ever-changing needs of the enthusiast. From providing products to sports compacts, Vibrant Performance has extended their reach, even having offerings for motorcycles.


Intercooler Core

24 in. x 8 in. x 3.5 in.


Made from 6061 Aluminum

Include Intercooler with End Tanks

Comes in Different Sizes