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Widowmaker 10 3.5"
  • Widowmaker 10 3.5"

    SKU: BW0013-35
    Body size: 10" x 5" 
    Material: Stainless Steel 
    BI ?Directional 
    With virtually no restrictive qualities, the Widowmaker 10" produces Black Widow?s signature aggressive and clean tone with a small 10? x 5? footprint. Ideal for tight spaces, the Widowmaker has a straight through patent pending internal hourglass design that allows for maximum horsepower and torque ? and without a harsh drone sound. All Widowmaker mufflers are backed by Black Widow?s Lifetime Limited Warranty. 
    NOTE: Because Black Widow mufflers are universal and not a direct OEM fit, we recommend installation by a qualified muffler shop. 
    Please note that images may not always reflect actual product.