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Wilwood Wide 5 Starlite 55 Front Hub Black E-Coat

Wilwood Wide 5 Starlite 55 Front Hub Black E-Coat

SKU: WIL 270-6735BD

Get the strength of aluminum and the weight of magnesium without the high price. To win, you have to finish. Rough tracks and rough racing can take their toll on lesser parts. There�s no longer a reason to gamble on reliability or pay too much to minimize the rotating and unsprung weight. The Starlite "55" Snap-Cap front hubs feature the strength of our eight bolt aluminum hubs with an all new design focused on maximized weight reduction. Computer FEA analysis and design technology were applied to reconfigure the existing hub and its related components in order to achieve an effective lightweight design. Each hub is permanent mold cast using a high strength aircraft alloy. The drive flange bolt bosses have been removed, and the hub is machined to accept a fiber reinforced composite Snap-Cap hubcap. Each hub is shipped with the bearing races installed and your choice of either standard or lightweight drilled wheel studs. With standard studs, the hub weighs in at 6.85 pounds. With the lightweight studs, it weighs 6.57 pounds. That�s lighter than some magnesium hubs, considerably stronger, and more economically priced. The Starlite "55" Snap-Cap front hubs use the traditional wide five offset and mounting dimensions. Bearings, seals, and lock nuts are all interchangeable with conventional wide five hubs. The Snap-Cap hubcap is the only special part required when updating from an eight bolt hub.

INSTALLATION NOTE: Black E-coat Finish. Coarse Wheel Studs

Outer Bearing I.D.: 1.813 Inner Bearing I.D.: 2.000